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November/December 2013
September/October 2013
July 2013
April 2013
January 2013
Fitness Tip: The Heavy Bag
December 2012
Fitness Tip: Until The Last Bell
November 2012
Fitness Tip: Fitness Boxing Routine
October 2012
Fitness Tip: The Upper Cut
September 2012
Fitness Tip: Fall Into Shape
August 2012
Fitness Tip: Speed Bag Training
July 2012
Olympic Boxing
June 2012
Fitness Tip: Target Mitt Drill
May 2012
Fitness Tip: Exersize and Sleep
April 2012
Fitness Tip: Keeping Fit While Traveling
March 2012
Fitness Tip: Stay Motivated
February 2012
Fitness Tip: Speed Bag Basics
January 2012
Fitness Tip: Fitness Resolutions
December 2011
Fitness Tip: Exercising during the holidays
November 2011
Fitness Tip: Target Mitt Sprints
October 2011
Fitness Tip: Exercise for Stress Reduction
September 2011
Fitness Tip: Old School Training
August 2011
Fitness Tip: Avoid Dehydration
July 2011
A Brief History of Women's Boxing
June 2011
Fitness Tip: The Green Workout
May 2011
Fitness Tip: Fartlek Training
April 2011
Fitness Tip: Over-Training Running Injuries
March 2011
Fitness Tip: Mirror Training: Immediate Feedback
February 2011
Fitness Tip: Benefits of Massage
January 2011
Fitness Tip: Staying Motivated...
December 2010
Fitness Tip: Visualization Techniques during Heavy Bag workouts
July 2010
Knockout Fitness Tip #4: The Right Glove - Make Sure it Fits!
Fitness Tip: Killer Abdominal Routines
March 2010
Knockout Fitness Tip #3: Cross Training - The Key to Knockout Fitness
Fitness Tip: The Overload Principle
October/November 2009
Knockout Fitness Tip #2: Injury Prevention
Fitness Tip: Stretching
June/July 2009
Knockout Fitness Tip #1: Jumping Rope
Fitness Tip: Balance Training
March/April 2009
Boxing Drill #55: Throwing Effective Punches
Fitness Tip: Healthy Knees
January/February 2009
Boxing Drill #54: More Plyometric Training
Fitness Tip: Snacking Before Exercising
November/December 2008
Boxing Drill #53: Plyometric Training Exercises
Fitness Tip: The True Benefits of Exercise
September/October 2008
Boxing Drill #52: Improving Shoulder Stability
Fitness Tip: Understanding Body Fat
August 2008
Boxing Drill #51: Old School: Push-Ups
Fitness Tip: Water and the Importance of Hydration
July 2008
Boxing Drill #50: Old School: Burpee Conditioning
Fitness Tip: Finding Your Optimal Training Zone
May 2008
Boxing Drill #49: Starting a Fitness Boxing Workout Program
Fitness Tip: Essentials for a Rounded Training Program
April 2008
Boxing Drill #48: Warm Up and Cool Down Techniques
Fitness Tip: Healthy Eating - Breakfast
February/March 2008
Boxing Drill #47: Heavy Bag Technique Tips
Fitness Tip: Focus on Winter Sports Nutrition
January 2008
Boxing Drill #46: Fancy Footwork for Fitness
Fitness Tip: Achieving Your Best
November 2007
Boxing Drill #45: Proper Upper Body Stretching
Fitness Tip: Estimating Your Maximum Heart Rate
July/August 2007
Boxing Drill #44: Heavy Bag Workout - Common Mistakes
Fitness Tip: The Heart Rate
June 2007
Boxing Drill #43: Improve Your Endurance with Hill Runs
Fitness Tip: Effective Adbominal Exercises
May 2007
Boxing Drill #42: Target Mitt Usage: Common Mistakes
Fitness Tip: Some Great 'Get-In-Sape' Tips
April 2007
Boxing Drill #41: Jump To It!
Fitness Tip: Top 5 Worst Workout Mistakes
March 2007
Boxing Drill #40: The Double-End Striking Bag
Fitness Tip: Is Your Workout Effective?
February 2007
Boxing Drill #39: Advanced Target Mitt Drills: Slipping Punches
Fitness Tip: Avoiding the 'Winter Workout Blahs'
January 2007
Boxing Drill #38: Back to Basics - Mirror Training
Fitness Tip: Rotator Cuff Care
December 2006
Boxing Drill #37: Plyometric Training for Power
Fitness Tip: HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training
November 2006
Boxing Drill #36: Getting Your Kicks!
Fitness Tip: Perfect Form
October 2006
Boxing Drill #35: Heavy Bag Drill: Ladders
Fitness Tip: How Safe is Running?
September 2006
Boxing Drill #34: Jumping Rope For Endurance
Fitness Tip: Preventing Injuries
August 2006
Boxing Drill #33: Proper Care of Your Boxing Equipment
Fitness Tip: Nutrition for Optimal Performance
July 2006
Boxing Drill #32: Power Punches
Fitness Tip: Training While Traveling
June 2006
Boxing Drill #31: Shadow Boxing - Revisited
Fitness Tip: Training Your Upper Body - Shoulders
May 2006
Boxing Drill #30: Advanced Target Mitt Drill: Target Mitt Sprints
Fitness Tip: Training Your Legs - Lunges
April 2006
Boxing Drill #29: Advanced Heavy Bag Drills: Body Punches
Fitness Tip: Guidelines to Healthy Eating
March 2006
Boxing Drill #28: Advanced Heavy Bag Drills: Punch-Out Drills
Fitness Tip: Kick-Start Your Metabolism
February 2006
Boxing Drill #27: Stepping in the Ring: Some Sound Advice
Fitness Tip: Avoiding the Training Plateau
January 2006
Boxing Drill #26: Fitness Boxing "Resolution" Workout
Fitness Tip: Staying Motivated - Work Out with a Partner
December 2005
Boxing Drill #25: Practicing Footwork
Fitness Tip: Developing Healthy Eating Habits
November 2005
Boxing Drill #24: Tips on Common Fitness Boxing Errors
Fitness Tip: 10 Tips to Keep You Active This Winter
October 2005
Boxing Drill #23: More Advanced Medicine Ball Drills
Fitness Tip: The Healthy Appetite
September 2005
Boxing Drill #22: Throwing Effective Combinations
Fitness Tip: Staying Motivated
August 2005
Boxing Drill #21: The Perfect Uppercut
Fitness Tip: 10 Essential Health Tips
July 2005
Boxing Drill #20: The Perfect Left Hook
Fitness Tip: Resting Between Sets
June 2005
Boxing Drill #19: Perfecting the Straight Right
Fitness Tip: Abdominal Training 101
May 2005
Boxing Drill #18: Perfecting the Jab
Fitness Tip: Understanding the Basic Principles of Exercise
April 2005
Boxing Drill #17: Advanced Heavy Bag Drill: Enhanced Endurance
Fitness Tip: Finding a Fitness Club or Gym That's Right for You
March 2005
Boxing Drill #15: Understanding Boxing Terminology - Part 2
Boxing Drill #16: Advanced Medicine Ball Drills
Fitness Tip: Sport Specific Weight Training
January 2005
Boxing Drill #14: Understanding Boxing Terminology - Part 1
Fitness Tip: Staying Fit While Traveling
November 2004
Boxing Drill #13: Taking it to the Next Level: Finding a Club or Trainer
Fitness Tip: Winter Walking
October 2004
Boxing Drill #12: The Speed Bag
Fitness Tip: Muscular Fitness
September 2004
Boxing Drill #11: Medicine Ball: Strengthening the Core
Fitness Tip: The Cool Down
August 2004
Boxing Drill #10: Jump Rope: Improving Technique
Fitness Tip: The Warm-Up
July 2004
Boxing Drill #9:  Advanced Target Mitt Drills
Fitness Tip: Keeping Cool
June 2004
Boxing Drill #8: Benefits or Roadwork
Fitness Tip: Flexibility 2: Stretching Techniques
May 2004
Boxing Drill #7: Equipping Yourself to Spar, Safely!
Fitness Tip: Flexibility
March 2004
Boxing Drill #6: Advanced Heavy Bag Drill: Punch Combinations
Fitness Tip: Treating Minor Injuries
January 2004
Boxing Drill #5: Target Mitts: Getting Started
Fitness Tip: How to Stick with Your New Year's Resolutions
December 2003
Boxing Drill #4: Roadwork: Running in Cold Weather
Fitness Tip: Stair Climbing
November 2003
Boxing Drill #3: The Art of Shadow Boxing
Fitness Tip: Optimal Heart Rate
October 2003
Boxing Drill #2: Jump Rope Technique
Fitness Tip: Calf Stretches
August 2003
Boxing Drill #1: Heavy Bag Sprints
Fitness Tip: Beating the Heat
December 2002
The Perfect Workout
Choosing the Right Heavy Bag
Safety: Checking Your Equipment
March 2002
Overview of Fitness Boxing
Balazs Produces a Knockout Fitness Video
More Fitness Boxing Books and Videos
January 2002
Women's World Championships
Women's boxing on the Road to the Olympics
Balazs' Support of Women's Boxing
December 2001
November 2001
Self Defense is in the Mind
Safety Suggestions
September/October 2001
Amateur vs. Pro - What's the Difference?
August 2001
A Woman's Perspective
History of Women in Boxing
July 2001
Aerobic Kickboxing Class
i-Box on PPV Canada
June 2001
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