April 2005
Andy and Jamie Welcome to this month's issue of Balazs Boxing's newsletter. In this issue Andy and Jamie help us increase our aerobic endurance by showing us how to vary workouts to avoid boredom! Andy and Jamie also offer more advice on getting out of a workout rut. Spring is in full swing and summer is coming; keep up the good work!

The Balazs Team - Knock Yourself Out!


Boxing Drill #17: Advanced Heavy Bag Drill: Enhanced Endurance
Shaking up your Heavy Bag workout:

Traditionally boxing training uses a 3 to 1 workout ratio- three minutes of hard, fat burning, muscle tiring work with a one-minute rest. It simulates a real round of boxing. If you've been using this same time frame for your interval workouts for the past few months, it could be time to mix it up a little. Your body has probably adapted to the physical demands of the three-minute round and you may have it a plateau. Take your workout and our skills to the next level by changing your interval pattern.

By changing the patter your body will be forced to adapt, you will end up working harder and you'll improve your fitness. As you mix up your workout intervals, you can choose to reduce the rest between each interval or increase the duration of the active portion. For the purposes of this exercise, keep the same intensity you've been working out at during your standard 3/1 workouts. For example, the next time you do a heavy bag workout try doing 5 minute rounds, with 1 minute rest. Keep pace as if it's a regular 3-minute round.

Example: Instead of doing 5 - three minute rounds, do 3 -five minute rounds. This change will shake up your aerobic capacity as the rounds are longer, and you have less rest periods. Try this for a few weeks and go back to 3 minute rounds and see how much stronger and less winded you are after the three minutes.

Another way to shake up your endurance and training is to work with a partner on the heavy bag. A partner will help motivate you and cheer you on to a new level of fitness and skill.

Partner Drill:
While one partner holds the Heavy Bag, perform 8 x 1 minute rounds with one-minute rest periods. Punch for one minute - rest for one minute. Alternate each round with your partner so you hold the bag for your partner during your rest period. With these short rounds the key is INTENSITY, maintain a fast pace throwing plenty of punches. Use the last round for a full out heavy bag sprint to the finish.

Andy and Jamie's Health and Fitness Tip: Finding a Gym
Important Questions to ask yourself when looking For a Quality Fitness Gym

1. What are the qualifications of the coaches and staff? A recognized certification in sports, fitness and health training are necessary for proper conditioning and safety reasons.

2. Is there a variety of equipment available? Is it safe and well maintained? Take a walk around and look at the bags, weight equipment and changing areas.

3. Is the gym clean, with well-circulated and ventilated air? Is the temperature of the gym at an appropriate level? High temperatures do not allow the body to cool off adequately.

4. How easy is it to get time with the coach? Depending on your experience, are there other participants you can be teamed up with to work out, (spar)? You want a challenging workout, with a coach that gives you specific directions so you will develop good habits and one that will assist you in improving your overall fitness level.

Ask the Trainer:
"I exercise several times a week but I'm not seeing the gains that I used to. Basically, I think I'm in a rut. Any advice?"

If you're doing the same activities week in and week out, you're bound to eventually hit what fitness experts call a plateau. Essentially, your body adapts to the type and frequency of physical activity that you're doing, so the exercise isn't as challenging as it used to be. And while you won't see major declines in your physical fitness, you won't see improvements either because you're not subjecting your body to sufficient stimuli for change.

Even people who are happy with their current fitness levels can suffer from a static exercise routine. In some cases, repeatedly working the same body parts in the same way can actually lead to overtraining injuries. Try to mix up your routine. Do some cross training, and add some variety to your workout. The reason that fitness boxing is such an effective way to get/stay fit is because of the variety in the training techniques.

- Andy Dumas

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