April 2006
Andy and JamieKeep up the action this Spring! Our workout drills continue with another hard-core bag workout. Beach-time is nearing; this bag workout will help tone your core and your glutes! In the Fitness Tip, Andy and Jamie keep you healthy with their sample guidelines for a lifetime of healthy eating. Lastly, in "Ask the Trainer", a frequent "roadwork disciple", a.k.a. runner, enquires about the frequency of replacing her running shoes.

The Balazs Team - Knock Yourself Out!


Boxing Drill #29: Advanced Heavy Bag Drills: Body Punches
The Art of Body Punching:

The ability to "get low" and deliver a body shot correctly is something every boxer should master. Many boxers punch to the body, but very few do so effectively. While you may never get in the ring to execute a true body punch, working this punch tones the buttocks, the quads and hamstrings. It is also excellent for core stability and balance. For body punches, position is more important than power. The best body shot is delivered from close range using power that starts from the legs. The key is to move in and bend the legs to lower the body, not just lower the hands to throw the body punch.

Heavy bag drill:

In Round 1, begin with a 3-minute round of warm up punches, jabs, straight rights, etc. In the second round, begin to practice with body punches.

In Round 2, while working the heavy bag, move in, bend your legs (to get low) and throw a jab to the body. Imagine the lower ½ of the bag is your opponent's body. Quickly get out. Move and circle the bag. Continue throwing jabs to the head. Do this for a 3 minute round.

In Round 3, practice moving in with a 1-2 combination to the body (Left Jab and Straight Right). Focus on bending your knees to get low. Lowering your body with your legs allows you to throw your punches from the same position as you would an upright punch - straight from the shoulders! It ensures better protection and better vision as well as maximum power.

For the last 3 minute round, Round 4, practice throwing a quick 1-2 combination to the body followed by a left hook to the head. Focus on getting in, getting low and getting up fast. The speed and power comes from your legs and hip. The body punch motion is also very similar to the rotation executed during a hook. It is also similar to doing power squats.

To maximize your offensive attack, work combinations that involve punches to both the head and body. Body punches may create openings to the head. Effective body punches will also tire your opponent. Body punches can be thrown with either hand. Practice throwing body punches with your lead hand. Since it is closer to the bag (your opponent) it can be faster and harder to defend.

Andy and Jamie's Health and Fitness Tip: Guidelines to Healthy Eating
Eat Less…

Visible Fats and Oils
Strictly limit fatty meats, cooking and salad oils, sauces, dressing and shortening. Use margarine and nuts very sparingly. Avoid frying.

Limit sugar, honey, molasses, syrups, pies, cakes, pastries, candy, cookies, soft drinks, and sugar-rich desserts-like pudding and ice cream. Save these foods for special occasions.

Foods containing cholesterol
Try to limit meat, sausage, eggs yolks, and liver. Limit dairy products, if used, cook with low-fat cheese or non-fat milk products. If you eat fish and poultry, use them sparingly.

Use minimal salt during cooking. Banish the saltshaker. Strictly limit highly salted products like pickles, crackers, soy sauce, salted popcorn, nuts, chips, pretzels, and garlic salt.

Avoid alcohol in all forms, as well as caffeinated beverages such as coffee, colas and black tea.

Eat More…

Whole grains
Freely use brown rice, millet, barley, corn, wheat and rye. Also eat freely of whole-grain products, such as breads, pastas, shredded wheat and tortillas.

Tubers and Legumes
Freely use all kinds of white potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams (without high-fat toppings). Enjoy peas and beans of every kind.

Fruits and vegetables
Eat several fresh, whole fruits every day. Limit fiber-poor fruit juices and fruits canned in syrup. Eat a variety of vegetables daily. Enjoy fresh salads with low-calories, low- salt dressings.

Drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Vary the routine with a twist of lemon or occasional herbal teas.

Hearty breakfasts
Enjoy hot, multi-grain cereals, fresh fruit, and whole-wheat toast. Jump start your day!

Ask the Trainer:
"I run an average of three times a weeks to supplement my boxing cardio. My runs last between 30- 50 min. How do you know when its time to get a new pair of running shoes?"

As a general rule most running shoes will provide cushioning up to 500 miles, though many runners report a breakdown in cushioning after as few as 350 miles. Even if your shoes still look in good shape the cushioning material may have broken down. If you are noticing aches and pains in specific areas of your legs, knees or hips, it may be time to replace those shoes.

On similar note, when was the last time you changed your boxing gloves? The foam padding in boxing gloves take as much if not more abuse than your shoes. The foam in gloves will break down due to heat, perspiration and impact. Protect your hands and replace your boxing gloves frequently.

- Andy Dumas

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