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Balazs Boxing - April 2014
In this issue: Andy & Jamie give a great overview of fitness boxing, and we feature the popular Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform. Please visit and 'Like' our FaceBook page for videos, photos, info & more!
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Fitness Boxing:
The Ultimate Cross-Training Exercise Program

Fitness BoxingThe Heavy bag

Fitness Boxing takes the best part of a boxer's workout and combines it with mainstream fitness. It is a unique workout that is not just a means to an end, but is an end in itself. Anyone wanting a new and different fitness-training regimen will find Fitness Boxing challenging and the results rewarding.

An increasing number of people are searching for ways to improve their physique and many have become plain bored with traditional exercises. Some of the benefits of a fitness boxing workout include improvements in the cardio-respiratory and vascular systems, muscular strength and improved agility, response and reaction time. This is accomplished by shadow boxing, practicing punch combinations, hitting the heavy bag, speed bag, target mitt training and skipping.


Fitness boxing provides the ultimate cross training challenge because of the

very unique nature of the sports training sessions. Cross training, alternating between two or more types of activities, not only reduces the risk of injuries from over-training in one mode, but constantly surprises the body and forces it to adjust to the diverse demands. It also adds variety and fun to a fitness program. Learn to develop a smooth rhythm on the speed bag, improve your hand-eye coordination with jump rope. When hitting the bag, feel the power in the arms, the contact with the bag and the rebound off the bag. Try to become only involved in the activity, making the movements spontaneous and automatic.

Base Level Fitness

Everyone has a starting point from which to build a stronger and healthier body. Many contributing factors, such as heredity, age and gender will influence the ability of the body to respond to the demands placed on it. Each individual has abilities, capacities and capabilities distinctive to themselves and the goal of optimum fitness is to try to achieve the

best physical condition in the areas of muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility and body composition specific for you. The base fitness level, your starting point or your current fitness level will improve quickly if you are starting at a lower level, than if you are currently a trained individual. As you become more physically fit it can be more challenging to attain a higher fitness level because of the various contributing factors unique to each individual. Fitness Boxing allows for success, whether you're just starting out, or a more seasoned athlete.

Fitness is such an important part of life's journey because of the health and physical gains, the psychological, social and self-worth benefits. How we feel and perform is a function of how and what we think. The sense of well being, relaxation, joy carries over from the workout into the rest of your life. Sticking to a workout program will carry over into other parts of your life and give a feeling of empowerment.


Fitness Boxing

Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.
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