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Balazs Boxing - August 2012
In this issue Andy and Jamie review some speed bag basics and show you new ways to challenge your speed bag workout, we feature our Pro Swivel Mount and a few FaceBook highlights... Enjoy!
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Speed Bag Training

Speed bag training is a staple of any boxer's workout. Punching the speed bag for helps improve hand-eye coordination, builds your cardiovascular capabilities, as well as your shoulder and arm endurance.


If you're new to hitting the speed bag it's important to slowly build your endurance. It can be a challenge at first to hit the bag evenly for a substantial amount of time. The natural inclination for the puncher is to hit the bag hard, which causes it to rebound faster and requires you to throw your next punch faster.

As a first workout, hit the bag with a straight right hand. Allow the bag to bounce an odd number of times on the platform. Hit the bag again with a straight right hand as it passes through its starting position and allow it to bounce the same number of times. Next, strike the bag with two consecutive straight left-hand punches, allowing it to bounce between punches. Continue this pattern to build your hand-eye coordination.

Larger Speed bags are heavier and create more resistance and require more punching force to keep them going. Larger bags will not go as fast as smaller bags. Since they are slower, it will also be easier to count the rebounds. Make sure not over inflate the bag. Less air will require more force to get the bag to rebound. Inflate the speed bag so that the leather is equally expanded all around with no folds.


As you become familiar working the speed bag, you can increase your punching speed and rhythm and reduce

Speed Bag Training

the number of times you allow the ball to rebound on the platform. Try using a smaller speed bag and shorter punching strokes when performing a speed-focused training.

Choose a single type of punch you want to work on, such as a right cross, set a timer for 30 seconds to one minute, then count the number of punches you can land while in that time frame. Repeat the workout and attempt to sustain the number of punches you land in the time period. As you progress in training, try to land more punches in the same interval.

Sample Timed Workout:

Hit the bag as fast as possible for 30 seconds to one minute. Count the number of punches you do in that time period. Then increase the number of punches in the same time frame.


As an example, perform your preferred punching pattern and count the straight right punches. Using 1 minute as a time interval, start punching. Go as fast as you possibly can during the interval, counting the straight right punches. Let's say for example, that you did you 50 right straight right punches in one minute. Now try to reproduce that same number for three 1-minute sets. After a few workouts, add another punch, so you have to do at least 51 straight right punches. Keep increasing the number of punches during the same time interval. You have to punch faster to be successful. Repeat using straight left hand punches.

For more speed bag basics, check out the newsletter archives on our website.

Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.
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SPEED BAG SCISSORHANDS & Balazs Boxing are looking to raise awareness against bullying! This week is national anti-bullying week. Lets "X" out Bullying!

Bully | Events

BULLY follows five kids and families over the course of a school year giving an intimate glimpse into bullying at schools and offering insight as teachers, administrators and parents struggle to find answers. In select theaters now.

Brian T Hey!

The gang's all here! That because Balazs makes the best equipment!!!


a quick speed bag scissorhands video for Balazs Boxing the best equipment on the planet!

Speed Bag Scissorhands trains with Balazs Boxing equipment !


Was tearing up the speedbag last night on my Balazs Boxing speedbag platforms. yes sir!


I love Balazs Boxing equipment!

I Muscle Up

We support BALAZS's awesomeness!!!

Balazs Boxing So is I Muscle Up something only Floridians have the privilege to partake in?

Jacob P.

We are all about spreading the word of I Muscle Up

Brian T

To Brandon, Brian and all at Balazs! Yeah! We made it happen! Drums and Speed Bags Unite in Rhythmic Harmony on VH1 Classic's That Metal Show!

TMS's star, my long time good bud, Eddie T. asked me to play drums on the shows within the same time frame that Brandon at Balazs reached out saying he dug my speed bag Punch Drum vids (youtube...

type "Tichy Speed Bag").

I thought this was perfect timing as I have been trying to get the Speed Bag on the drum kit on a rock stage for years. Well, this time it happened on the country's most popular rock n roll show..... And without Balazs's 275 lb. beast of a speed bag stand, it wouldn't have been nearly as smooth, or not happened at all! I thank them for hearing my idea out and quickly rising up and coming through without much time! I was under the gun and they got me the goods!

And then when it came time to actually attempt this on national TV, my nerves could have gotten the best of me... so it was g...

"Alice Cooper & Jack Russell" ( Ep. 1002 ) from That Metal Show | Full Episode | VH1.com

Watch Full Episodes Online at Vh1. com. VH1 Original TV Show..

Bob B

Thanks to Balazs for providing professional drummer Brian T with a fantastic speed bag platform for his performance on VH1's "That Metal Show."

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