December 2003
Welcome to this installment of Balazs Boxing's newsletter. In this issue, Andy & Jamie review running in the winter- to keep your fitness up even when the temperature is down! In addition, they suggest stair climbing as a training tool. Finally, Andy & Jamie address one reader's concern about weight lifting reducing his punch speed. Have a happy and safe holiday season!

The Balazs Team


Boxing Drill #4: Roadwork: Running in Cold Weather
Sure, plenty of discipline is needed to run in the cold weather, but the winter season, with all its subtle beauty, is a wonderful time of year to go out for a run! With the proper gear, winter running can be quite enjoyable. Focus on the end result and meet the challenge.

Staying Warm. Layering your clothes is the best way to stay warm. Wear fabrics with moisture transport qualities next to your skin and a breathable outer, wind-proof suit. Another layer should be added on very cold days. Up to 50 percent of the body's heat is lost through the head, so wear a balaclava or toque or similar head gear to keep warm and use mitts or gloves on your hands. If you find breathing cold air uncomfortable, wear a covering over your month and nose to warm up the air and breathe through your nose as the air will warm up prior to hitting your lungs.

Warm up thoroughly and start running at a comfortable pace. If the road or pathways are icy, shorten your stride to improve your footing. Reduce the intensity of your workout and keep a steady pace, deciding on a time duration rather than a distance. It doesn't matter whether or not you cover the same distance you might on a summer's day. If you are running on trails in desolate areas, stay safe and run with a group. If you are by yourself, find a route that you can cut short and where help is readily available.

Give winter running a try! Some of your best runs may occur at these lower temperatures.

Andy and Jamie's Health and Fitness Tip: Stair Climbing
A great way to strengthen the leg muscles at the same time as improving your cardiovascular fitness level is to climb up and down stairs. Stair climbing can be done in your home, in an office or apartment building, or on a stair-climbing machine at a gym. Try climbing two steps at a time to increase the strength in the quadriceps (front thigh muscle) and the gluteus (derriere). The quadriceps is primarily used when going down stair, with the hamstrings (rear thigh), assisting in the descent.
Ask the Trainer:
"I train as often as I can, 3 times a week if possible. I mix my workout with weight training and bag work. My first question is, whether or not this is a good thing. On some sites I've visited I have read that cardio work should be done separately from weight training, is this true?

My second question is about the weight lifting part of my workout. Although I want to build muscle I don't want to become slow through lifting weights. Can I lift weights and still remain a fast puncher?"

It is an old myth that weight training slows you down. Proper weight training can help put the power into your punch and reduce the chance of joint injuries.

If your time is limited and you can only workout three times per week, then weight training could be added into your bag workouts. Lift two times per week along with the bag workout, keeping one workout day just for bag work. Optimally you should be working out 4 to 5 times per week, 3 bag workout days and two weight-training days, alternating between the workout days.

To weight train for enhanced boxing results, select a program that places a greater emphasis on muscle endurance exercises and not muscle strength or bulking exercises. A suggestion is to select a weight to lift for 3 sets that is challenging, for 10 to 14 repetitions. When training on the bag, continue to work on your punch speed, executing each and every punch with proper technique.

 - Andy Dumas

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