December 2010
In this issue: Andy and Jamie share some visualization techniques
to help improve you on the heavy bag.
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Andy and Jamie Dumas
Andy & Jamie Dumas
Andy & Jamie's Fitness Tip:
Heavy Bag

In all sports, VISUALIZATION of a positive outcome is essential. This is certainly true of boxing training. Once the basics of throwing a punch is learned, you can take your heavy bag workouts to the next level.

Imagine you are in the ring facing an opponent. Plan your strategy; think about the punches and punch combinations. With each punch you throw, imagine what response you will need to counter the opposing punch coming at you. For 3 minutes, have a tactical plan, be in the moment, ‘punch and get out’. Work up to that knock-out punch!

Develop an action plan for working the bag, and have a mental image of your combinations. Experience the workout. It is not a competition to see who can throw the most punches, but a finely orchestrated plan of what punches to throw and how and when to throw them. Put power behind the punches and then snap them at the end. Feel the workout, enjoy it and develop it. Remember, Don’t just think of it as a heavy bag, think of it as a strategic, focused and clearly moving sports opponent.

It’s important to vary the speed and pattern of your punches. Mix it up. Small variations will do the trick. Remember to snap your punches and hit the bag sharply dead center. Work with the movement of the bag. Move in, out and around the bag as you throw your combinations. Always maintain a balanced stance keeping your steps short and your rhythm fluid. – Good boxers are not one-dimensional.
Heavy Bag "Visualization"
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Half Of Us Are Already Thinking About It!

The holidays are coming and I’ll probably over-eat, sit a lot – all while sharing the holiday festivities with family and friends. The good mixes with the bad. There is less time to keep up your fitness routine and often, the motivation to begin or continue your fitness program is more challenging than the actual exercise itself.
There is really only one solution to it: simply stay
ALERT (Automatic Lifestyle Reactions to Temptations)
First, enjoy the holidays, love the people, love the food, oh, and stick these ideas in your head:

• Try to eat smaller amounts, or maybe a little smaller than you would if you weren’t ALERT
• Keep some activity going in some fashion - move, walk, take a break from festivities. Sneak if you have to – get some good movement.

Happy Holidays!
from the
Balazs Boxing
and Fitness Team!
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