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Balazs Boxing - February 2012     
In this issue Andy & Jamie revisit the basics of mastering a staple of boxing training: The Speed bag. We highlight our speed bag products and just see what our customers are saying!    
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Hitting the
Speed Bag

When watching a boxer hit a speed bag, one wonders, 'How can you make contact with something moving that fast?' And if you listen, it is the sound of the rhythm of the bag hitting the backboard that inspires one hand moving over the other to make contact with the bag. Initially it can be very frustrating, but ultimately is fun and worthwhile. Working the speed bag develops eye-hand coordination and improves reaction time, rhythm, and upper body endurance. There are actually three sounds on the backboard that you hear. Stand facing the bag, strike the bag and it will move directly away from you and make contact with the back of the platform (sound #1). The bag will rebound towards you and hit the front of the platform, (sound #2). The bag then returns to hit the back of the platform (sound #3), and you must get ready - as the bag rebounds forward it is your turn to strike the bag once again. The rhythm is "punch 1-23". You hit the bag; the bag hits the platform back, front, and back. The surface of your knuckles making contact with the bag and how hard you hit it will influence your ability to keep the bag under control and in the "punch-1-2-3" rhythm. Start with one hand, using medium force until you have mastered the rhythm; then add the speed and power, alternating the hands. Hand wraps give the basic protection required or if your hands are sensitive use speed-bag striking mitts.

Step 1 - Face the speed bag so it is square with the body; bring both fists up and in front of the face. This is the one time you do not have to be in the boxer's stance. The bottom of the bag should be

Speed Bag

one to two inches above chin level for the larger bags and eye level for the smaller bags. Adjust the speed bag height to the appropriate level. If it is non-movable, find a step to stand on.

Step 2 - Strike the bag in the center near the bottom edge, making sure the knuckles land flush against the leather. Hit straight on & straight through the bag. Don't chop at the bag. Visualize hitting through the bag and then bring the fist back to the starting position.

Step 3 - Repeat striking the bag with the "punch-1-2-3" rhythm, keeping both hands up by the face. Work with one fist, then the other, taking the arm through a circular motion. As you punch faster, tighten up this circular range of motion that the arm goes through.

Step 4 - Go slow at first, and if the bag is moving too fast, let some air out of the bladder to slow it down or try a larger-sized bag. The bag will appear to have a mind of its' own and may either moves in circles or not respond to your strike. It's all a matter of timing. If you make contact too soon you will jam the movement of the bag; if contact is made too late, your

fist will strike the underside of the bag and cause a clumsy rhythm.

Step 5 - Strike the speed bag four times with your right fist and then four times with your left fist, eventually taking it to two strikes with each fist. Once you have mastered the doubles, try making single strikes. This is called a two-handed rhythm and requires that one fist is brought up behind and over the top of the other. For example, as you strike the speed bag with your left fist, bring the right fist up behind and over the top of the left fist and then strike the bag with the right fist. Repeat, keeping the semicircular movement short and fast.

Step 6 - Nothing in boxing remains stationary. To remind yourself of this, and to increase the challenge, move around the bag as you practice your combinations. Always, train the way you intend to perform. Work up to hitting the bag with single strikes and increase speed. Use a smaller speed bag to challenge and improve your agility and eye-hand coordination. Vary the speed of the punches, slower punches interspersed with sprints. Once you have your rhythm down, move around the bag while punching.


Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.    
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