Balazs Boxing presents a cutting-edge fitness boxing routine that
covers all the basics of boxing—from shadow boxing to heavy
bag, speed bag
and double-end bag training.
i-Box with Andy Dumas and Jamie Somerville
In addition, learn exercises for the
medicine ball, target mitts and skip rope.
All this month, Viewer’s Choice Canada Pay Per View presents the television premiere of i-Box, an exclusive fitness boxing event that will have you throwing all the right punches while keeping you in shape all year round!

i-Box will repeat on Viewer’s Choice every hour, on the hour, during the month of June, so you can work out when it’s convenient for you. For $5.95 plus taxes, you can get in on all of the action!

Click here to find out when you can get
started with the i-Box fitness boxing workout!
Balazs Boxing Viewer's Choice
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