Balazs Boxing Newsletter - January 2002
The first-ever Women's Amateur Boxing World Championships was held in Scranton, PA from November 26th to December 2nd. The event attracted over 150 elite boxers from national teams representing more than 35 countries.

This World Championship event is a necessary precursor for women's boxing to join the ranks of Olympic sports. According to the International Olympic Committee Olympic Charter, new sports must meet the following guidelines to achieve Olympic status:

WWC bout1.1- Only sports practiced by women in at least 40 countries and three continents may be included in the program of the Games of the Olympiad.

2.2- A discipline is admitted to the program at least seven years before specific Olympic Games in respect of which no change shall thereafter be permitted

3.3- To be included in the program of the Olympic Games, events must be recognized international standing both numerically and geographically, and have been included at least twice in world or continental championships.

To date, boxing is the only non-coeducational sport on the Olympic roster. The Championships advance the sport of Women's Boxing one step closer to achieving Olympic status.

Media personnel from around the world noted the significance of this historic event. Press crews from the United States, France, Israel, New Zealand and other locales covered the event. The magazine, Sports Illustrated-Women, is scheduled to do a story detailing a day in the life of the championship athletes.

Women's amateur boxing is expanding its audience and participation around the world. The president of AIBA, the international governing association for amateur and Olympic boxing, stated, during the conclusion of the tournament, that amateur women's boxing is growing at a rate significantly faster than men's boxing, and it has the capability to surpass amateur men's boxing in terms of popularity and participation in the future. AIBA is a strong supporter of women's boxing and its hopes for future glory.

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Balazs Boxing was the title sponsor of the recently concluded Women's Amateur Boxing World Championships. The World Championships, hosted by Scranton, PA from November 26 to December 2, featured 6 days of competitive boxing. More than 150 female athletes from over 35 countries were among the competitors. As one of the main sponsors, Balazs provided a competition boxing ring as well as training equipment including gloves, heavy bags and Exoflex™ chest protection.
As the Official Boxing Ring Supplier, Balazs provided the boxing ring used for all preliminary and championship bouts. As an Official Training Equipment Supplier, Balazs provided several of their flagship Universal Boxing Stands™ with assorted training bags for boxers' workouts before and during the championship event. The women of Team USA and other national teams also had access to Balazs Boxing training gloves and other boxing accessories as they trained for their championship bouts at Montage Mountain Ski Resort outside Scranton.
Balazs supplied Team USA with Exoflex™ Protective Sports Bras. The Exoflex™ is an innovative sports bra that provides impact protection for the breast while being supple and form-fitting for comfort. The US Team's Devonne Canady won the only US Gold medal while wearing an Exoflex™.
Balazs Boxing has been a strong supporter of women's amateur boxing since the company's founding. Balazs has sponsored several regional developmental events, in cooperation with boxing coach Christy Halbert, who served as Head Coach for Team USA at the recent Championship events.

"The camaraderie, sportsmanship and superb physical performance exhibited at women's amateur boxing events inspires us and embodies the characteristics we believe in at Balazs", says founder Andrew Laudenslager. "We support this pioneering event through our commitment to raising the awareness of women's boxing around the globe."

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