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Balazs Boxing - January 2012     
Welcome to 2012 and the January Balazs Newsletter! Andy & Jamie help out with a few fitness resolutions, we hear from happy customers and feature our UBS4 stands.
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Fitness Resolutions

Do you make the same fitness resolutions year after year? On average, only 20% of us keep our New Year's resolutions. Andy and Jamie share some advice on making your exercise goals attainable and sustainable in the New Year.

1 - Write it down.
Write out the specifics of your new fitness goals. Include all the details— how many times a week you want to work out, which days, what types of exercises you plan to do. Continue to keep track of your progress throughout the year.

2 - Workout with friends.
Meet a friend to go for a hike or Skating at the local rink. Try a fitness boxing class! Try something new. The options are endless.


3 - Set realistic goals.
If you have never run a day in yourlife, do not decide to become a marathon runner by February. Instead, start with a goal you can accomplish, such as running three or four miles. Once you have attained your first goal, you will be motivated to reach for a new, tougher goal.

4 - Be specific.
Give yourself detailed guidelines with specific dates, times, and/or amounts.

Do not just say, "I want to lift more weight." Instead, determine how much you want to increase by and in what time frame. Pick a specific road race, triathlon, or charity race to participate in.

5 - Reward yourself for success.
If you have kept to your exercise schedule all month, splurge on a new pair of athletic shoes. Or maybe you hit a specific weight-lifting goal— treat yourself to dinner out with a good friend. However you do it, be sure to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. It is also important to remember that it's ok to stumble a little. Goals need to be flexible. Don't lose hope or feel guilty if you "cheat' on your diet or miss a workout. Just get back on track as soon as you can and understand that setbacks often lead to growth. Think "Year round not just New Years." logo


Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.    
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Happy Customers!

Hi Balazs, Thanks so much for finally being a company with a great product. Actually, great doesn't even begin to describe my new Balazs Speed Bag platform. It shipped on time, was packaged in futuristic-amazing packaging, and was installed quickly with quality components. The only question is, why isn't your company consulting other companies on "How to do it Right Seminars"?

Chad B

Spectacular service. I measure companies by how they handle situations and you have really been proactive and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much.

(A Great Customer from California)

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Double-End Striking Bag Mount
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Empire State Building Run-Up: Race to the Top!  
← The 34th Annual Empire State Building Run Up: Participants raced up 86 flights of stairs (1,576 steps) to the buildings' observation deck. In the men's division, Thomas Dold of Germany won for the 6th straight time - reaching the top in 10 minutes, 10 seconds. Alice McNamara of Melbourne, Australia - a medical student and a member of Australia's national rowing team won the women's division with a time of 13 minutes, 3 seconds.

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