July 2011 · #73
Welcome to the July Newsletter. In this issue, a brief history of women in boxing, fitness quotes, and product highlight on the Exoflex Protective Bra.
Women's Boxing Exoflex Protective Sports Bra

A Brief History of Women's Boxing

Whether you box competitively, for fitness or just for fun, Balazs would
like to applaud you. Throughout the years, women have had to fight for the right to box. The following timeline highlights poignant events
throughout the history of women's boxing.

1720 The first staged women fights were in London England. Fighters could punch, knee and kick all parts of their opponents' body. Mauling, scratching and throwing were not considered foul play. Serious injury to both fighters was not unusual.
1904 Boxing was introduced at the Olympic Games in St. Louis. Women's boxing was a displayed event at the third Olympic games.
1954 First female fight on TV. One of the most famous women's boxers of all-time, Barbara Buttrick, became the first female boxer to have her fight broadcast on national television.
1975 First female judge to work a world heavy weight title bout. Eva Shain earned a place in the Guinness Book of Sports Records for being the first female 
judge of a world heavyweight fight. 1975 also marked the first time a female judge worked a professional fight at New York's Madison Square Garden.
1993 USA Boxing recognizes female boxers after losing a landmark court case. USA Boxing's Board of Governors, passes legislation to implement and support the concept of female boxing. First amateur female bout held in Bellingham, Washington.
Women's Boxing
1996 Four-day amateur tournament in Augusta, GA. Increase in the number of women boxers causes USA Boxing to conduct an amateur event. 340 registered amateur boxers in late 1996.
1996 Christy Martin and Diedre Gogarty were paired on the under card on the Tyson- Frank Bruno fight. Fans in Las Vegas and watching on pay-per-view were disgusted with the boring and less than entertaining Tyson fight, but were captivated by the blood and end-to-end
 action in the female bout. The women stole the show and lent instant credibility to women's boxing. An audience of 1.1 million viewed the fight, the second-most watched boxing card in pay-per-view history.
1997 USA Boxing's first ever Women's National Championships.
2001 There are approximately 3,500 competitive female boxers in the U.S., all levels. Worldwide, this number is close to 10,000, and the number is growing rapidly.
2003 Two of the most famous female boxers, Christy Martin and Leila Ali engaged in the persistent bout. Ali, who was much younger and much bigger but less technical than Martin managed to knock out her unbeatable opponent in the fourth round.

Apart from competitive boxers, there is a larger number of fitness, executive, and boxaerobics women that do not compete, but enjoy all the benefits of boxing training.

Balazs supports women in boxing and has designed products to provide the protection you need, the comfort you want and the quality you deserve.

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