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Learning The Ropes Part 1: The Three Step Breakdown

Jump rope is a great total body workout. Whether your goal is to improve overall aerobic conditioning or to burn calories, fat and lose weight, no other exercise holds a candle to jumping rope.

Jumping rope is something that can be taught to virtually anyone and can be learned within weeks of starting. The "Three Step Breakdown" is a teaching method based on neutral and resting moves and this method and allows even the novice to feel triumphant.

Neutral and resting moves were developed because it is difficult, if not impossible, for beginning jump ropers to continuously jump through (or "inside") a rope for more than a few minutes at a time before stopping. Instead of just putting your rope down and stopping when you feel that you just can't continue jumping any longer, put both handles in one hand and continue to execute the jump with the rope turning to the side of the body. At this point you are not jumping through or "inside" the rope, but outside of the rope. A two-foot jump or basic jog while continually turning the rope will keep the heart rate elevated and may reduce the frustration of stopping/starting.

It is important to use the correct length jump rope. A rope that is too long or too short will force you to adjust the position of the arms, causing poor execution of the movement and jumping technique. The chart below shows the correct length rope for your height.


More jump rope tips next newsletter!


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