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Welcome to the June Newsletter. Andy & Jamie discuss taking your workouts outside and answer a question about combining boxing and strength training.
Fitness Tip - The Green Workout Ask The Coach Speed B.A.G. II
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Andy & Jamie's Fitness Tip:
The Green

Working out regularly gives us many health benefits. It strengthens the muscles, builds endurance, improves the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, obesity and some types of cancer. It also helps to reduce everyday stresses and gives us energy. Now, to give an extra boost for overall mind health, self esteem and lifting your spirit, take your workout outside!

Exercising outside gets you back in touch with nature, giving you emotional and mental health, along with all the similar physical benefits as working out in a gym. There are virtually no cost, no membership fees or user fees. Just 5 minutes of exercising outdoors has mental health benefits and is a real mood boost. To obtain the physical benefits though, you will have to work out longer.

The Green Workout

Generally it is found that there is a greater feeling of increased energy, a decrease in tension and depression. With increasing technology and information, we spend more of our time inside. It is good to get back to your roots. Being outside in the environment is more fun and motivating. The scenery is often better and exercising outdoors demands more complex coordination responses due to the varied ground surfaces. Strength and coordination in the muscles we use for everyday activity are challenged. Weight training in a gym works isolated  muscles through a restricted movement 
pattern, training outside is Functional Fitness training.

And if sweating it out in a crowded gym doesn't appeal to you, take it outside. There are many of ways to exercise outside. Take a brisk walk or jog in your neighborhood or find a scenic walking trail in your area. Get out your bike and pedal down a biking path. Go to the park on a sunny day, and use the playground equipment to do pull-ups and a park bench to do triceps dips. Then burn a few calories and tone your quads by swinging on the swing set while pumping your legs as hard as you can. Pick your jump rope and skip for your cardio training. Join Tai Chi in the park or a yoga class outdoors.

All training can be taken outdoors and two important health elements are achieved at one time—saving time. The weather is great and it time to go outside and go green!

Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.
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Ask the Coach:

Should I do my boxing routine and my strength training at the same time or is it best to do the strength training first and then the boxing routine last?

I always want to get the most out of my boxing routine and if I strength train before, it always takes away from my boxing routine and vice versa. I only have Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to train, so how should I split up these routines?

- William R.

Hi William,
This is a very good question. Boxing training is unique as it is cardio training, interval 

Andy and Jamie Dumas
Andy & Jamie Dumas

training, and strength training. Execution of the punches, hitting the heavy bag, target mitt work and speed bad training is more variable and often demands a faster reaction time. If your muscles are fatigued because of a good weight workout there is greater chance of injury during the boxing portion of your training.

Even though your muscles may be fatigued after the boxing training and the sets/reps and weight may be reduced you are still getting an effective weight training session. Weight training assists in making your boxing better and is a more controlled workout.

You said you wanted to get the most out of your boxing routine, and you have only Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to train. We suggest you will get the most benefit and the most effective results, performing your boxing training first and finishing with weight training.

Andy & Jamie

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SPEED B.A.G II is the world's only gathering of speed bag punching talent. Balazs  Boxing and Real Gymm have teamed up for a 2nd year to bring speed baggers from all over the country to Keyport, NJ for 4 days of non-stop punching action. Best of all, this event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and pre-registration is not required. Featured at the event will be Alan Kahn , the author of the Speed Bag Bible, the authoritative source on all things speed bag. Also offering exhibitions and hands on punch lessons will be Zach "Speed Bag Skunk" Ruffo, an Everlast
sponsored athlete. Come learn
from the best speed baggers in the world, or just enjoy the show. Activities will happen daily from 10am - 4pm, arrive anytime and prepare to learn some new tricks!

On Saturday June 18th all entry fees ($20 or more donation suggested) are benefiting the Monmouth County Miracles chapter of the Sunshine Foundation, the original make a wish foundation. In addition, a silent auction will be held offering some unique speed bag equipment and accessories. Proceeds from the auction will also benefit Monmouth County Miracles.

For further information on SPEED B.A.G. II, see http://SPEEDBAGII.COM or http://SPEEDBAGFORUM.COM

What: SPEED B.A.G. II - The worlds only gathering of speed bag punching talent.

When: Thursday June 16th through Sunday June 19th, 2011. Charity event and silent auction on Saturday June 18th only (silent auction ends at 3pm sharp) 10am - 4pm daily

Where: Real Gymm, 22 W. Front Street, Keyport, NJ 07735

How Much: $20 per day or all 4 days for $60. Pre-registration is not needed, simply show up!

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Balazs 12-inch Adjustable Speed Bag Platform
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