Balazs Boxing Newsletter - March 2002
Boxing is not a means to an end, but is an end in itself. This hot new fitness program is safe, intense, and best of all, a great full-body workout. Boxers, unlike the general fitness enthusiast, perform exercises that go far beyond the usual scope of an individual’s workout. Fitness boxing helps to tone, stretch, and develop muscles. Basic boxing techniques cover every aspect of athletic training. Aerobic exercises improve your heart rate, while jumping rope fosters speed and agility. The heavy bag demands strength, and the prolonged nature of the workout requires stamina, energy, and concentration. Fitness Boxing provides a safe, effective and fun workout for all fitness levels.
i-box: Fitness Boxing Fundamentals
Balazs is proud to release its first fitness boxing video, entitled i-box: Fitness Boxing Fundamentals.

Fitness experts, Andy Dumas and Jamie Somerville, teach you how to get the most out of your workouts using a variety of boxing training techniques.

i-box covers all the basics of boxing and how to incorporate these exercises into a fitness routine. Learn how to properly execute all the basic punches. Learn the benefits of working the bags.

Basic Punches Jab Straight  Hook  Uppercut 
Andy Dumas is a boxing coach and certified fitness consultant. Jamie Somerville has a degree in Human Kinetics and is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and trainer for fitness instructors. Andy and Jamie produced “The One-Two Punch” Video and Book, and continue to develop new fitness videos.
Follow along with Andy and Jamie as they teach you how to train like a boxer. Learn how to perfect your stance, throw an uppercut and get the most out of your heavy bag workouts. i-box is easy to follow--making fitness boxing easy to master. Approx. 40 minutes.
Ever wonder how anyone can hit that super fast speed bag? Have you mastered the speed bag and need to learn more advance techniques? The Speed Bag Bible is the only complete training guide to equipment and techniques. 229 pages. Illustrated.
Boxing for Everyone teaches you how to incorporate boxing and its benefits into your lifestyle. Author, Cappy Kotz, answers your most frequently asked questions regarding which equipment to use, and how each exercise helps to tone and strengthen your body. 215 pages. Illustrated.
The One-Two Punch Boxing Workout One of the most comprehensive instructional boxing books available. Covering everything from the history of boxing to executing each boxing exercise properly, The One-Two Punch guides you through a 12 week training program and includes a logbook to chart your progress. 145 pages. Illustrated.
Fitness Boxing is a great book for boxing beginners and individuals seeking an alternative to traditional exercise programs. Learn how to stretch properly, skip rope and train with a partner. 96 pages. Color illustrations.
The Boxer’s Start-Up book is an extremely technical guide to training and technique. Learn the proper placement of your feet, when to rotate your hips and how to control your breathing. An excellent primer for anyone starting boxing for fitness or competition. 150 pages.
Now that you’ve mastered the basics of boxing, The Boxer’s Workout teaches you how to put the moves together and develop effective combinations. Determine your fighting style and benefit from a boxer’s workout. 172 pages. Illustrated.
Not for the fainthearted. The One-Two Punch video takes you through an exhausting aerobic workout. Personal trainers and boxing instructors, Andy Dumas and Jamie Somerville, teach you basic boxing footwork and punches in a high-energy aerobic workout. Approx. 60 minutes.
Join the thousands of people who have discovered that fitness boxing
is an exhilarating cardiovascular and resistance alternative to treadmills
and weight machines.

All of the above titles, including i-box: Fitness Boxing Fundamentals
are available for purchase online at Boxing or over the
phone, toll free (888) 466-6765.


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