March 2004
Andy and JamieWelcome to this installment of Balazs Boxing's newsletter. In this issue, Andy and Jamie, detail the basics of creating a fun and vigorous heavy bag work out. They address a common treatment solution for minor injury. Finally, they address one reader's concern about treadmill training in the winter.

The Balazs Team


Boxing Drill #6: Advanced Heavy Bag Drill: Putting Together Punch Combinations
The best part of working out on the heavy bag is that it you can create a different workout each and every time, as there are an endless number of punch combinations that can be executed. It is an exceptional workout that can place extreme demands on the musculature, cardio-vascular and respiratory systems.

Before your heavy bag workout, warm up your upper body with 5-10 minutes of shadow boxing. When you are ready to work out on the heavy bag, work in 2-3 minute rounds with 1-minute rest. Do 3-5 rounds and cool down with another 5 minutes of relaxed shadow boxing.

Equipment required:
-Boxing Gloves or Bag Gloves
-Heavy Punching Bag (at least 70lbs)
-Timer (optional)

Here are some sample punch combinations you can try on the heavy bag:

Combo # 1: Left Jabs - Body, Head
Jab to the body (middle of the bag), jab to the head (top of bag). Step towards the bag and launch a quick left jab to the body and immediately follow with a jab to the head. Bend your legs to land the first jab to the body, move up and snap your second jab. Move away quickly, circle the bag and repeat.

Combo # 2: 1-2, Hook
The one-two, hook combination. Step into the bag as you launch your left jab, followed by a straight right. You are now in the position to throw a short left hook to finish the combination.

Combo # 3: 1-2, Double Left Hook
One-two, hook, hook. Same as above but this time bend your legs and throw a quick one-two to the body, followed by a left hook to the body and a left hook to the head. Use your legs to move up and down.

Combo # 4: 6 Punch Combination
Advanced six-punch combination. Two left jabs, a straight right, left hook to the body, straight right and finish with a left jab. Try this one slowly and then speed it up. Move around and repeat.

Combo # 5: Shoe Shining
Throwing straight punches (Left, right, left, right) in rapid succession, starting at the body and moving up to the head. This should be a quick flurry of punches. Emphasize speed not power.

Punches in Bunches
When throwing combinations, one punch should naturally set up the next punch. It's important to vary the speed and pattern of your punches. Mix it up. Small variations will do the trick. Remember to snap your punches and hit the bag sharply dead center. Work with the movement of the bag. Think of it as your opponent. Move in, out and around the bag as you throw your combinations. Always maintain a balanced stance keeping your steps short and your rhythm fluid.

Andy and Jamie's Health and Fitness Tip: Treating Minor Injuries
If you are suffering from sports related injury, use R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Rest - Discontinue exercising or any type of activity that affects the area that is injured. Depending on the severity of the injury the resting time will vary. Minor injuries need to be rested for one or two days. More severe injuries may need longer.

Ice - Apply ice to the injured area. Icing helps to reduce the pain, limits the swelling and bleeding, and encourages healing. Wrap some ice in a towel to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Compress - Apply pressure to the injured site with a stretch bandage. Make sure to wrap it snugly with just enough tension to support the injured area comfortably.

Elevate - Raise the limb of the injury and if possible, keep the injured part above the level of the heart or at the very least, higher than the hips. This will help to reduce swelling and prevent movement of the injured area.

Of course, if any injury persists for more than several days or the swelling is severe, seek qualified medical assistance immediately.

Ask the Trainer:
"In the winter, I find that I am not running as much outside as I do the other times of the year. My conditioning is going down and I have put on some weight. I enjoy running & like it better than swimming or indoor cycling. I would like to keep my running up and was wondering if running on treadmill is very different from running outside?"

If you want to imitate the movement of running, then treadmills are your best choice. The running motion on the treadmill is similar to running outside, but the push-off phase of the foot is different because the treadmill belt pulls the foot along. Although, different than running on the ground, treadmills allow you to vary your running speed, can be inclined to imitate hill runs and be formulated for a variety of different running programs. It will help you maintain your fitness level and preferred body weight.

 - Andy Dumas

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