March 2006
Andy and JamieSpring is the time to step up your workouts, increase intensity and really start burning fat and toning your muscles- the summer and the beach is coming. In this edition, we offer a few suggestions on adding challenge to you heavy bag workouts. Andy and Jamie provide a useful tip on changing up your routine to kick-start your fat burning. Lastly, in "Ask the Trainer" they counsel a boxer on proper stance during training and sparring.

The Balazs Team - Knock Yourself Out!


Boxing Drill #28: Advanced Heavy Bag Drills: Punch-Out Drills
Heavy bag workouts typically are structured in rounds, like a boxing match, that are three minutes long with a one-minute rest period in between each round. There are several ways to make your bag workouts more challenging; these include increasing the round length or shortening the rest period or increasing the round intensity.

For Punch-Out Drills, rather than increasing round length, the intensity of each round is increased through the use of short, highly intense strings of punches. A punch-out drill consists of all out, full force punches thrown in rapid succession without rest. The Punch-Out Drill should be distinct from Heavy Bag Sprints, in that proper technique and form are required for each punch.

Punch-Out Drill intervals range from 15 to 60 seconds depending on your level of fitness. During Punch-Out drills, you will throw non-stop punches. Use straight punches during this drill to reduce heavy bag movement. For example, use a non-stop 1-2-1-2 (1 = Left Jab, 2 = Right Straight) for your heavy-bag workout.

Sample workout for 1x 3 minute round:

30 Second Punch-Out 1-2-1-2
30 Second Rest
30 Second Punch-Out 1-2-1-2
30 Second Rest
30 Second Punch-Out 1-2-1-2
30 Second Rest

These drills are intense! This style of training will prepare you to throw explosive combinations with maximum speed and power and is a great way of increasing your endurance. Throw a punch out drill in the middle of your normal bag workout and watch your power and endurance soar.

NOTE: If you are a beginner boxer and new to using a heavy bag, it is strongly recommended to learn proper boxing technique and punch form prior to performing these power drills.

Andy and Jamie's Health and Fitness Tip: Kick-Start Your Metabolism
If you generally do your workouts in the evening, you can maximize your body's fat burning capability each and every day by performing your cardiovascular training in the morning before you eat breakfast. Your body will have very little carbohydrate energy to burn since you haven't eaten anything yet, so you'll be burning through that unwanted body fat for energy!

Eat a healthy breakfast after your morning cardiovascular training, and you will have kick started your metabolism for the entire day. This is a great way to shake things up a little, if you feel you've reached a training plateau.

Ask the Trainer:
"I'm right handed so I hit harder with my right hand but I'm more comfortable with my right foot forward instead of my left. Is this normal or should I try to change to the left foot forward stance? I also noticed when I shadow box I sometimes don't stick with one stance; I switch feet but still stay in a good balanced stance, could this be a good thing or a bad thing?"

The answer depends on whether you are training to box (to spar or fight), or just for fitness benefits. Many people new to boxing training feel stronger leading with their right hand. Strictly from a fitness point of view, switching your stance during the workout (from left leading foot to a right leading foot) can make for a more balanced workout for your arms, as you'll be throwing jabs more than any other punch and working each arm equally.

However, it is my opinion that you should stick with one lead, the left lead, for the entire round. It is a bad habit to change your stance during the round. If you really want to switch your stance, try doing a round or two in the orthodox stance (left lead) and a round or two in the southpaw stance (right lead)

Only very experienced boxers can successfully switch their stance during a fight or sparring session. The danger for boxers switching their stance is, that they're wide open for a few seconds while switching leads.

- Andy Dumas

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