March 2010
Andy and JamieSpring is around the corner and after the cold snowy months most of us have experienced this winter it can't come soon enough! If you are like most folks, a few extra pounds probably found themselves planted around your waist while shut in during the cold, long, winter. Over the next few newsletters we are going to introduce some great new workouts to blast off those pounds and get back in shape. From jumping rope to medicine ball workouts, heavy bag routines to shadowboxing, we'll get you back in shape and ready for the beach in twelve weeks.

"Knock Yourself Out!" The Balazs Team


Knockout Fitness Tip #3: Cross Training for Fitness Success 
Cross training is the alternating between two or more types of physical activities or workout regimens. For example, cycling, weight training and boxing combined during the week can lead to superb fitness results. Cross training not only reduces the risk of injuries from over-training using only one method, but provides physical "surprises" for the body, forcing it to adjust to the diverse demands of the different workouts. When cross training you workout every day, but focus on different types of exercise regimens each day. The consecutive workouts focus on different muscle groups, so your muscles and joints are actually given a chance to rest and rebuild to help achieve your optimum fitness level.

We recommend Cross Training in the three different workout sessions; 1) the Boxer's Workout (Heavy bag training, shadowboxing, target mitt training) 2) Cardio-Conditioning (Running, cycling, swimming) and 3) Muscle-Conditioning, (Weight Lifting, plyometrics, medicine ball workouts). The combination of these sessions can result in a significant reduction in overuse injuries, as your body never quite adapts to each exercise's specific demands. Plus, these regimens add variety and fun to your fitness program.

By working on all the three sessions - the Boxer's Workout, Cardio-Conditioning, and Muscle Conditioning - you can attain an overall optimum fitness level in a relatively short period of time.

The Boxer's Workout provides benefits of include improved power, agility, and quicker reaction times as well as improvements to your cardio-respiratory and vascular systems and increased muscle strength. This is accomplished by shadow boxing, working the heavy bag, practicing intricate punch combinations, heavy bag speed sprints, target mitt training and jumping rope. Learning boxing is fun and improves concentration and self confidence.

The Cardio-Conditioning training session is all about increasing endurance. Long runs and short runs, sprints and cardio-equipment, bicycles and rollerblades can all be utilized according to your needs and likes. Cardio Conditioning is important as it is the cornerstone to building a strong stamina base. Cardio workouts work the heart muscle to allow it to respond to higher workload demands. This fitness base assists in future improvements in all areas of physical fitness.

The Muscle-Conditioning session (weight training) develops muscular strength and muscular endurance using a variety of equipment. Strength and muscular endurance are key. You can use free weights (dumbbell and bars) or weight machines or almost any heavy object - medicine balls milk jugs, logs, etc. Training with medicine balls offers a solid challenge to your musculature developing a strong core, as well balance and coordination.

Remember, training in all three areas will create a positive cross-training effect. Working on just one of the training sessions without the others, does not promote the same degree of physical change nor allow the body to develop into the best physical shape that can be attained.

Sample workout schedule:

This is a six-day a week workout routine to follow. Follow for 8 to 12 weeks.

You can start this regimen at anytime on any day; just follow the series as shown for optimal results. See our previous on-line newsletters for drill specifics

Day 1 Boxer's Workout
Shadow boxing and Heavy Bag drills for 45-60 minutes.
Heavy Bag Ladders - 15 minutes
Shadow Boxing - 10 minutes
Day 2:  Cardio Conditioning
Running, Cycling, Rollerblading for 45 - 60 minutes at moderate to high intensity.
Day 3:  Muscle Conditioning - Upper Body for 30-45 minutes
Weight training with Dumbells or Medicine Balls
Core Strengthening
Advanced Medicine Ball Work
Day 4:  Boxer's Workout
Target Mitt work and Heavy Bag Power drills for 45-60 minutes
Advanced Target Mitts
Heavy Bag Power
Day 5:  Cardio Conditioning
Running, Cycling, Rollerblading for 45 - 60 minutes at moderate to high intensity.
Hill Running
Day 6:  Muscle Conditioning - Lower Body
Weight training with Dumbells or Medicine Balls
Plyometric Training
Advanced Medicine Ball Work
Day 7:  Rest. Take a day off to relax and allow your body to rebuild.
Andy & Jamie's Fitness Tip: The Overload Principle
When an increased workload is placed on the body, the physiological systems are placed under stress. The body's systems will try to work to meet the new demands. The systems will require time, rest, and nutrients to rebuild, and this is accomplished in a well-designed exercise program.

One method of keeping the physiological body from adapting is to frequently change the demands placed on it. Overloading a system (running longer, harder, faster; lifting more weight more times; or spending more time on an activity) will promote and maintain an improved fitness level. It is important not to place such an overload that the supportive and connective tissues are at a risk of injury. A gradual increase and smaller changes are safe methods of placing new demands on your body.

Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.

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Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Fitness and Andy & Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within this e-newsletter.
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