March 2011 · #69
Welcome! In this month's issue Andy and Jamie
discuss the great benefits mirror training provides.

The training tips and instructions come from their boxing training book, “Knockout Fitness”. As quoted by, Julio Cesar Chavez, ‘The information in this book offers you the key to your ultimate fitness dreams, providing insight and inspiration to start and attain your own personal fitness goals.'
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Andy and Jamie Dumas
Andy & Jamie Dumas

punches, having a mental image of what you want to achieve. Keep it simple at first, then decide where you want to hit and what punch you want to throw. Try to find a comfortable rhythm and move around. Mirror training will assist you in executing the punches correctly and shadow boxing is a great way to warm up the body by increasing blood flow to the muscles and lubricating the joints.

Shadow box for three minutes and try to recognize the length of a round. Work hard enough so that you will feel slightly out of breath, and ready and eager for more. Take the minute in between rounds to think about new punch combinations. Now you’re ready to take your workouts to the bags!

After a thorough warm up you can try shadow boxing for a round or two with light hand weights. This will add intensity to the workout. The weights should be no more then 2-3 pounds. When using hand weights to shadow box, 


Andy & Jamie's Fitness Tip:
Mirror Training: Immediate

All training requires feedback. Your visual image gives technical feedback instantaneously, so you can correct your punch execution, body alignment and movement patterns.
When you do not have a coach or a trainer with you, use the mirror to give information on your execution of movement, whether it be weight training, shadow boxing, step training or rope jumping. If you’re training in a boxing gym or fitness studio, full length mirrors should be readily available. If you’re training in a home gym, basement or recreation room, make sure you have plenty of room to move around and throw punches.

Be critical of yourself. Ensure your core is centered, you are completing your movements, you are light on your feet and there is fluidity from one move to the next.


Shadow boxing: More than just a warm-up

Shadow boxing incorporates all boxing techniques and it is done without a bag or partner. The punches, footwork, and slipping are practiced over and over until each move leads smoothly into the next. Once you become familiar and comfortable with the actions, then it is time to start to put combinations together.

When shadow boxing in front of a mirror. You will be able to see if you are off balance, if you are shifting your weight correctly, if the arms are held at the incorrect angle, or the hands held too high or too low. It is easier to correct a punch in front of the mirror where you can see it, than waiting until you are on the heavy bag. Always start slow with the basic punches and as you become more secure with the feel of movements, add speed and combinations. If a combination does not feel right, slow it down and break it into smaller combinations until the punches and movements flow one to the other.

You should always have a purpose when you shadow box. Match the footwork with the

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Mirror Training (continued)

only punch with 70- 80% intensity. (Be careful not to throw the hand weights!)

Common Mistakes and Training Tips: Shadow Boxing

Mistake: Standing in one place.

Tip: Start moving without the punches, focusing on foot and leg movements. Add slips and feints, then add jabs and straight rights.

Mistake: Dropping the hands away from the chin.

Tip: The rule is “One hand out, one hand back.” When the left hand is punching, the right is back, (On guard) and vice-versa.

Andy and Jamie Dumas

Target Mitt work

Classic Punch

Incorporate some of these classic punch combinations into you’re
shadow boxing routine.

  1. Double and triple jabs
  2. The one-two (This is a left jab
    followed by a straight right.)
  3. One–two- hook (Left jab, straight right, left hook.)
  4. Right uppercut – left hook
  5. Left jab - left hook – straight
    right – left hook
  6. Left jab – left hook to the body – left hook to the head –
    straight right
  7. Left uppercut to the body – straight right to the head
  8. Left jab to the body – left jab to the head
  9. One–two to the body – one– two to the head
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