May 2008
Andy and JamieSummer is just around the corner and there is no better time to start getting in shape. Check out Andy's great suggestions for preparing to start a fitness boxing program and then review our archives to get some great workout ideas. In the Fitness Tip section, Andy and Jamie outline four key areas to focus on to achieve a well-rounded fitness. Lastly, in Ask the Trainer, we shed light on a common issue, eating late at night. Start your new fitness program this May and get ready for a great summer!

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Boxing Drill #49: Conditioning Guidelines for starting Fitness Boxing Training 
If you have been thinking about trying a fitness boxing class at your local gym or boxing club or buying some boxing equipment to workout at home, here are some things you to consider as you begin.

Do not worry about your current age or fitness level. Participants in my fitness boxing classes have had a wide variety of fitness levels and age ranges. They have been as young as 12 years old to over 60 years old, with fitness levels ranging from poor to extremely fit.

For some, the fear of pushing the body past its limits is the biggest barrier to developing fitness. As with any type of physical training, enough time must be allowed for the body to adapt to the new demands.

Here are four guidelines for starting Fitness Boxing Training.

1. Cardiovascular Fitness

Before you start a boxing class, you should be able to do moderate intensity physical exercise for about 15-20 minutes. If you are not able to do this at this time, don't let it stop you, take it slowly and work within your limits.

2. Jumping Rope

Initially, you should be able to skip rope for two, three-minute rounds. Over time, work your way up to four, three-minute rounds. Once your fitness level improves, you'll be pushed harder.

3. Punching

Your conditioning should allow you to complete four rounds (three-minute rounds) of bag work, shadow boxing or Target Mitt work. A good instructor will make sure you focus on proper punching technique and good footwork.

4. Muscle Conditioning

You should be able to do three sets of push-ups (12-15) (modified push-ups or full push-ups) and 6-8 sets of abdominal work. (Crunches or leg raises)

Whether you are training at a Gym or at home, the most important thing is to start your workout and do your best!

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Always consult your Physician before starting an exercise program.

Andy & Jamie's Health & Fitness Tip: Essential Elements to a Rounded Training Program
1. Aerobic fitness

Aerobic exercise is the cornerstone of any fitness program. The better your aerobic fitness, the more efficiently your heart, lungs and blood vessels transport oxygen throughout your body.

Walking, jogging, biking, swimming, dancing, water aerobics, jump rope, are examples or Aerobic exercise. Aim for at least 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise 3-5 days per week.

2. Muscular fitness

Muscular fitness is another major component of a well-rounded training program. Regular strength training can help you increase your lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently. Building muscle also helps protect your joints from injury and boosts your stamina.

You don't need to invest in a gym membership or expensive equipment to enjoy the benefits of strength training. Hand-held weights or Resistance bands are inexpensive options. Using you own body weight as resistance is great as well, too. Try push-ups, abdominal crunches and leg squats.

3. Stretching

For a well-balanced training program, it is important to stretch your muscles. Stretching increases your flexibility, improves the range of motion of your joints, and promotes better posture and circulation. Regular stretching can even relieve stress and help prevent injury, especially if your muscles or joints are tight.

Make sure you set aside time to stretch after each workout, allowing you muscles to relax and return to their normal resting length.

4. Core stability

The muscles in your lower back, abdomen, and pelvis are known as your core muscles. Strengthening your core muscles is essential to over all fitness.

Abdominal Crunches or Curl-ups are a classic core exercise. Medicine Ball training is another great way to train your core muscles.

Whether you're creating your own fitness training program or working with a personal trainer, make aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, stretching and core stability part of your overall exercise plan.

Ask the Trainer:
"If you eat later in the evening, before sleeping, will the extra calories be stored as fat?"

Studies have shown that eating a large number of calories in a short period, as opposed to small amounts spread over longer intervals, can contribute to weight gain. The peaks and valleys of lots of calories, followed by no calories, can make your body adjust its metabolism to store extras calories as fat to be used during the caloric "valley".

Therefore, when you eat a large amount of food later in the evening and then go to bed, your body adjusts to store the extra calories as fat, as the body does not require many calories to sustain sleep. Ideally, you should try spreading your total calorie intake over the course of the day by eating smaller meals and healthy snacks all throughout the day. This will give the required energy to enable you to work out and at the same time regulate your metabolism to burn fat and effectively utilize the caloric intake and not store it as fat.

- Andy Dumas

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