November 2007
Andy and JamieWelcome back to the Balazs newsletter! Just in time for the holiday season, to get you in the swing of working out to keep the holiday feasts from taking their toll. In this issue, Andy and Jamie give great tips on stretching your upper body after a boxing or other upper body workout. Dig into the Balazs newsletter archives for some heart pumping workouts, and follow it up with these stretches. Ever wondered what your training heart rate should be? In the Fitness Tip, Andy and Jamie explain a simple way to estimate your maximum heart rate. Finally in Ask the Trainer, Andy gives some advice to a fitness boxer who is experiencing some typical post workout soreness. Have a great Thanksgiving!

"Knock Yourself Out!" The Balazs Team


Boxing Drill #45: Proper Upper Body Stretching 
After a great boxing workout, skipping, working the bags or target mitts, you need to stretch out those muscles, and allow them to recover.

By performing proper stretches on a consistent basis, you can attain your full physical potential. Here are some great upper body stretches.

Shoulder Stretch
Stand tall with the knees relaxed and the abdominal muscles tight. Extend the arms behind the back and the fingers interlaced. Straighten the arms by rotating the elbows inward, and then lift the arms up behind you until a slight tension is felt through the shoulders, chest and arms. Release and repeat.

Upper Back Stretch
To stretch the backside of the shoulder area, cross one arm in front of the body. Gently press the elbow across the chest to the opposite shoulder, stretching the middle of the upper back. To stretch more of the shoulder area, extend and lower the arm across the body. Release and repeat.

Here are some guidelines to follow for stretching.

  • Isolate the muscle group, not placing any stress on the joints.
  • Find zero tension on the muscle. This is your starting point.
  • Find the first gentle tension on the muscle, hold this steady position.
  • Hold the stretch long enough to allow the tension to disappear and the muscle to relax.
Andy & Jamie's Health & Fitness Tip: Estimating Your Maximum Heart Rate

Your training heart rate is the number of times the heart beats in one minute in order to produce a conditioning effect. This number should be between 60 and 80% of your maximum heart rate.

Here's one way to estimate your Maximum Heart Rate. For men subtract your age from the number 220. For women subtract your age from 226. Multiply this number by 60% for the lower end of your training Heart Rate or 80% for the higher end of your training Heart Rate.

  • Maximum HEART RATE:   MEN: 220 - age,    WOMEN: 226 - age
  • Multiply by 60% for the lower end of your training heart rate or 80% for the higher end of your training heart rate.
Ask the Trainer:
"I'm not a competitive boxer, but I enjoy my fitness boxing classes at my local gym. I go to three classes a week. The classes include plenty of Heavy bag and target mitts drills. I find lately that my hands and forearms are sore for days. I don't want to miss my classes, do you have any suggestions?"

The most common fitness boxing injuries occur in the hands and shoulder joints. Although they are hard to eliminate, plenty can be done to help prevent them. Some preventive measures include proper warm-up and cool-down along with stretching exercises. Not allowing enough recovery between hard workouts can lead to overtraining and can also be a major cause of injuries. A well-conditioned boxer can work out five to six times a week. Ensure that you are gradually building up your endurance and varying the intensity of your workouts. Allow enough recovery time between your boxing workouts. Make sure you are properly executing your punches on the heavy bag. (Visit the Balazs Archives for more on proper punch execution).

Many fitness boxing injuries can be prevented by wearing proper protective gear. Good bag gloves and hand wraps are available in a wide range of prices and styles. They should fit properly and have shock absorbing foam.

- Andy Dumas

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