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The best part of fitness boxing training is the incredible variety of training routines available.

Skipping improves fluidity, lateral movement; explosiveness; hand and foot speed and timing. Training on the heavy bag, speed bag and double-end bag provides instantaneous feedback and teaches you about your technique, ability, and punching style. Training with target mitts is the next best thing to actually sparring. It's a great way to improve your punching speed and accuracy. There are two roles when training with target mitts. The person holding the mitts and calling out the punch commands is called the "catcher" and the person throwing is called the "puncher".

Here is great drill to develop punching speed and improve your endurance.

If you've never worked with target mitts before, it's best to try this drill with an experienced trainer.

Target Mitt Sprints:

Here is an advanced drill to finish off your boxing workout. This is a speed drill designed to give your muscles one final blast before you cool down.

Catcher: Adjust your target mitts to receive the punches and time the sprint intervals. Have your partner

throw their straight lefts to your left mitt and straight right to your right mitt. For the hooks, remember to catch their punches with the same hand they throw, i.e. catch the right hook with your right hand. For catching uppercuts, you partner should cross over throwing their right uppercut to your right target mitt and so on.

Puncher: Address your partner straight on, with knees bent, leaning slightly forward on the balls of your feet. Get ready to deliver a fast series of punches starting off with straight lefts and rights. Remember to fully extend these punches. You want to go for speed, not power, while maintaining proper form. Without stopping, switch to hooks (left and right) for a short sprint, finishing up with an uppercut sprint.

Sample sprint interval:

Medicine Ball
Straight punches 20 seconds
Hooks 20 seconds
Uppercuts 20 seconds
Have your partner go through the sprint sequence twice without a break, before you switch partners. Start with 20-second sprints, eventually working you way up to 30 or 40 second sprints. This is an advanced drill. Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up. logo

Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.    
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Dumas Ask the coach:

Question: I have a really busy schedule, but I want to improve my muscular strength. What exercises should I be doing?

Answer: When you just do not have the time, five basic strength exercises that will keep you strong.

1. Squats
Work the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves all at once.

2. Lat Pulldown
Works on the major muscles of your back (the latissmus

dorsi), which helps you burn calories and, of course, strengthen your back.

3. Push Ups
Work the chest, shoulders, triceps, back and abs.

4. Lunges
Work quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

5. The Plank
Works the abs, back, arms and legs and targets your internal abdominal muscles.

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Medicine Ball
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