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Balazs Boxing - November 2012
In this issue: Andy & Jamie's time-tested Fitness Boxing Routine, NEW Balazs Lazer Bags & Contest Winners, another Balazs happy customer. Don't forget to visit our FaceBook page for even more info & fun!
Fitness Boxing New - Balazs Lazer Bags Happy Customer

Blast from the Past!

In 2002 a unique a fitness boxing training book called, The One Two Punch was released. Written by North America's leading fitness-boxing experts, Andy Dumas & Jamie Dumas, The One-Two Punch Boxing Workout showed readers how to have fun and boost stamina, strength, and agility while throwing punches. Designed for men and women of all ages and all levels of fitness, it described a training program that seamlessly combined the best of "old-school" boxing training techniques with the latest cardiovascular and muscle-conditioning methods. Here is a sample fitness boxing routine taken from the book, that you can incorporate into your own workout schedule.

Fitness Boxing Routine

The power behind your punches on the heavy bag, the slipping and movement around the double-end bag, the muscle endurance needed for the speed bag and the cardio- conditioning required to last the three minute rounds are worked on during this training session.

The Warm Up (5 minutes)

To get ready for the boxer's workout, get both mentally and physically prepared. Shadow boxing is a great way to increase the blood flow to the working muscles, increase the lubrication to the joint areas, review the execution of the punches and prepare yourself mentally to hit the different boxing bags. If a mirror is available, check out your stance, making sure the fists are held by the chin, elbows in to protect the body and the feet and body in a strong stance. Keep the hands up and move around the floor, side to side, front and back. Now add some jabs and straight punches. Stay loose, but in control and punch with little intent. Continue for about two minutes then slowly pick up the tempo adding a little more bounce in your foot movement, feinting front and back. If you feel tight in any your muscles, this is a great time to slowly extent the limbs through a greater range of motion and lengthen out the muscles. The major areas of concern should be the shoulder area, hip flexor and legs. Continue the shadow boxing warm-up for about 5 minutes.

(3 X 3 minute rounds)

Now it's time to get more serious and execute the punches with a little more intent. As with the warm-up, move around, mix up the punches and keep the heart rate elevated. Working in three-minute rounds, one-minute rest, have a game plan of what punches and punch combinations you want to tackle. Develop both offensive moves and defensive moves. This is when you want to be creative and also work transitions that do not feel comfortable and smooth. During shadow boxing, the punching technique, balance, weight transfers from foot to foot, and combinations can be developed and corrected. Get a feel for the three-minute time limit and pace yourself so that you are

Boxing Workout

working at about 60 - 70 percent of your maximum effort. During the one-minute rest, take time to prepare for the next three-minute round..

JUMP ROPE (12 minutes)

Keep the footwork basic for about 2 minutes. Increase the intensity slightly by either performing more intricate footwork or by increasing the speed at which you are jumping. If you are seasoned at jumping, you may want to try around the six minute mark try to include some sprints of high knee jogging, 20 – 25 seconds and then bring it back down for 60 – 90 seconds. Repeat four to 6 times. Attempt to skip a total of 12 minutes. This can be accomplished either by working up to this time frame, taking a break when needed or by reducing the intensity, until you have built up your stamina.

 (4X 3-min. rounds)

Three different intensity levels are described from beginner to more advanced. Choose the one that is best suited to you.

– Just starting out

A great place to start to learn the feeling and the technique behind hitting a heavy bag. By performing repetition after repetition of a single punch, the movement and execution will become second nature. This will set you up for adding movement and combinations so they flow easily.

LEVEL TWO - Intermediate

In this level you should feel comfortable

working on the bag performing the basic punches. Put together combinations, adding body movement and footwork. This will increase the intensity of the workout. Start with two-minute rounds, increasing to three minute rounds. Rest 45 seconds for a two-minute round, one minute for a three minute round. Keep moving, walk around during the rest period and focus on the next round.

LEVEL THREE - Advanced

Once you have the punches down, work on the bag like you are in the ring. Add more movement, have a strategy, (game plan), work in hooks, uppercuts with jabs and power punches. Mix it all up. Hit the bag for three minute rounds and rest for one minute.

Rounds 1 to 4

Challenge yourself as you move around the heavy bag and throw your combinations. Stay busy and always return to the classic boxing stance after punching. Become aware of your timing and find your own rhythm. Maintain a center of balance when you make contact on the bag with a maximum hit. Move around like you are on the canvas, not only throwing punches, but also getting out of the way of punches that could be thrown at you.

Speed bag/Double end bag.

If you have a speed bag and double end bag available, this is a great time to work out on them. Perform a 3-min. round on the double end bag and finish with 5mins. on the speed bag.


The purpose of the cool down is to decrease the heart rate, to take the muscle and joint areas through a full range of motion, and to review the punches. End with shadow boxing for three to six minutes, punching with little intent. Stay light on your feet, shrugging and rotating the shoulders. Let the muscles relax.


After every workout perform stretching and relaxation exercises of all the major muscle groups. This will help stretch out the muscle tissue and reduce soreness the next day. logo

Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.
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Another Happy Customer!

"It came in yesterday and my hat's off to your company....not one problem aligning a bolt with a tapped hole anywhere along the way. Considering that half the time things just don't line up when you're trying to put something (usually foreign) together, this was a pleasure. Still trying to work out the correct tension on the double end bag but that's just a trial and error game playing with different length cords until it learns to "play nice" with a senior citizen. The speed bag on the other hand plays nice already and is actually fun to hit again after 40 plus years away. A little slower (well, maybe more than a little) than I used to be but surprisingly better than I thought I would be. So thanks again for a nice product which I'm hoping to enjoy for a long time. And if you ever need a reference for your products, feel free to count me as a very satisfied customer."

best regards....... Stephen Z.

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