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Balazs Boxing - October 2012
In this issue: Uppercut Training from Andy and Jamie, Balazs Uppercut Bags, link to an interview with Speedbag Scissorhands and more. Don't forget to visit our FaceBook Page for even more info and fun!
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The Upper Cut

The dynamic training environment of fitness boxing, make it a unique to way stay in shape. Working the heavy bag, speed bag, target mitts and jump rope provide a fun yet challenging way to workout. One piece of equipment that deserves more attention is the uppercut bag.

The upper cut is the most under utilized punch in boxing. It takes precise timing to effectively land this short powerful punch, and the uppercut bag is the perfect place to develop this punch.

The uppercut bag is basically a heavy bag that is mounted horizontally. The position of the bag allows an athlete to hit the underside much more effectively than a normal heavy bag. Most boxing gyms and some fitness clubs now have upper cut bags, and many people are buying them for their own home gyms. The upper cut bag should be hung so the bottom of the bag is around shoulder level.

Hitting the Upper Cut Bag

You should always protect your hands by wearing hand wraps and proper bag gloves when working on the upper cut bag. If you have experience hitting the heavy bag, you'll notice that you can still land your straight punches, but now you can step in and land effective

Upper Cut

upper cuts. When starting out, address the bag in your boxing stance. Practice throwing left and right uppercuts. Remember to keep your elbows bent and strike the bag with the knuckle portion of your gloves. Keep the punches short and don't wind up. Throw a series of fast uppercuts (4-6 punches) step back, move into position and start again.

Once you're comfortable landing a few punches, try setting up your upper cuts, by throwing straight punches.

For example, throw a 1-2 combination. (a left jab followed by a straight right) You should now be in perfect position to land a short right upper cut. Make up your own combinations and remember, you can also practice your hooks on the upper cut bag as well. Move side to side as you throw straight punches and end your combinations with a series of hooks and uppercuts.

Add upper cut bag work to your fitness boxing routine! logo

Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.
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