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Balazs Boxing - September October 2013
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Learning The Ropes Part 2

Jump rope can be more physically demanding than cycling, (indoors or outdoors) or running. It improves the cardiovascular fitness, develops endurance musculature, and improves agility, balance and timing. It will take some time and commitment to master the basic jumps, but once this is accomplished, a wide variety of combinations can be performed. This not only makes the workout fun; it also challenges a large variety of muscles.

Executing a neutral move

One of the more difficult challenges in rope jumping is to keep going, and as previously mentioned the neutral move helps you through wanting to just throw the rope down. Keep the feet moving, jump up and down, and place both handles in one hand. The body, shoulders, arms and wrists should be in proper position, (as described above) and the rope turns at the side of the body. Try not to let the rope wander in front of the body. The purpose is to learn the feel of the rotation and movement of the rope, to keep the feet moving and not to worry about the rope getting caught in the feet. Change the rope to the other hand once in awhile to add variety, as well as to get comfortable to different arm positions. This is a great place to start feeling the movement.



Proper form & technique

Proper form and good technique is where you start. Whether you are just starting to jump or you are performing an array of masterful foot and arm movements, there are a few do's and don'ts that have to be remembered.

1. Only jump an inch or two off the ground.

2. Keep the knees slightly bent.

3. Land softly on the ground, going through the foot in order for the legs to absorb the impact.

4. The jumps should be in control, torso basically straight, not allowing the body to be leaning forward nor backward.

5. The action of the turning of the rope is initiated at the wrist, with little movement at the shoulders or with the arms. A proper weight of rope will assist in reduced shoulder and arm movement.

6. Try to keep the shoulders down and relaxed.

7. The arms are kept at one level, usually with the upper part of the arm close to the sides of the body. Be careful not to allow the arms to drift away from the body, as this will raise the rope further from the floor and closer to the jumping feet,

resulting in the rope becoming entangled in the feet.

8. Keep the head in a neutral position and neck relaxed. It does take practice and practice pays off. And within a few weeks you will be putting together foot and arms combinations that will improve your agility, balance and cardiovascular abilities. logo


Jump Rope

Always consult your physician before starting any physical exercise program. Balazs Inc, Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas assume no responsibility for the improper use of information contained within.
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